Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Change in Plans

After I wrote that long posting re. the "Building Blocks" course I got a call that the course was cancelled.  I am the only one that signed up.  However, they are going to offer it in the fall.  I guess not too many people wanted to stitch a quilt in April and May.  Stay tuned.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

An exciting project!

Yes, I am still knitting.  Trying to improve my skills by knitting more than just scarves.  I signed up for "Next Stitch" with Corie at Wolseley Wool (WW) and am currently working on a cowl scarf and a shawl.

However, I have signed up for a really big project at WW - Building Blocks.

It is a 6 week course (over 8 weeks) where you end up with 12 knitted 'blocks'. You then sew them all together and end up with a quilt.  I know I'll be able to do this because you are just knitting a square.  Yes, there are new stitches/techniques but it's not like making a sweater or pair of socks.  I think this will really help me become a better knitter.

Now part of the fun is picking your yarn.  It was recommended to buy either Cascade 220 (200m) or Berroco Vintage (198m).  Supposedly 1 skein = 2 squares.  Now I like the Earth tones; tones that are 'subtle'.  Not a fan of the really bright colors.  Looking online on what Cascade 220 had for colors left me overwhelmed.  WW has only so many colors in Cascade so even though I found colors I liked, it didn't mean that WW had it in stock.  I called the store and was advised to go to their website and see what was there.  That was definitely not as overwhelming but that meant there was a limited number of colors to choose from.  I had a look at Berroco yarns.  Some nice colors out there.  

I had my Next Stitch class on Wednesday and thought I should pick out my colors.  Didn't really like what I was seeing.  I liked some from one line, some from another, etc.  Was told that it's best to pick colors from ONE line only of yarn (e.g. all Cascade 220 or all Berroco Vintage - not some of both).  Carrie at the store showed me the Berroco Remix yarn.  I was in love!!!!  The yarn is 200m and should work out fine for 2 blocks.  I am currently stitching a gauge swatch and I just LOVE the feel of the wool.  Here are my amazing colors:

Aren't they just lovely?  Carrie described them as 'muted'.  They are bold yet soft at the same time.  My next question is - do I want to make 2 squares of each color to make my 12 squares?  Or do I perhaps feature the light green and blue with 3 squares each, 2 squares from the dark blue and green and then 1 square of the brown and grey each?  Hmmmm.  Will have to hear what WW says.  I can hardly wait.....