Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In a Dilemma

I have discovered that creating this blog for one specific embroidery project may not have been the best thing to do.  As expected, I seem to be stitching everything BUT my Waterlily Pond.  So, my question (to my 3 followers) is:  should I rename my blog?  I really think I should.  Now the question is, what do I name it?  I want it to be more of a 'general' embroidery blog.  I'm not horribly creative so I need to find an interesting name for it.  Hmmm....  Lisa's Sticherama.... What Lisa Does with Her Time....  All ideas are welcome.

Well, off to stitch (and no, not my Waterlily Pond).

1 comment:

  1. I think you may be right. You are actually quite prolific...just not on the project you thought you'd be immersed in.
    Hmmm...what a good name...hmmm...
    "Lisa' Needle"...modelled after the famous Nordic Needle might be good.
    "What Lisa Does with Her Time"...pretty good, really. Then you could include little snippets about the other great love of your life...I mean, the four-legged one...
    Could you elaborate on the belly-rub procedure for us?